Automatic Brewing System

The micro-pressure auto cold brewing technology ensures water can pass through coffee ground for 4 extractions within 1 minute, enhancing the integration of water molecules and coffee powder; meanwhile, the double-layer fine stainless steel filter can effectively filter the residue, making your cold brewed coffee more pure and smooth than those made by traditional cold brew makers.

90 Times Faster, No More Overnight Waiting

Compared with traditional cold brew coffee makers that require at least 15 to 24 hours to brew coffee, Laekerrt electric instant cold brew coffee maker allows you to enjoy the refreshing cold brew coffee or tea at a quick shower time but with the same sweet and smooth taste. Your coffee craving stomach will always be satisfied!

Functionable in a Refrigerator

If you don't have ice cubes ready, no worries, this machine fully supports running in a fridge, so you can still enjoy the same icey cold brew coffee as that of adding ice cubes. The silicone lid for storage also help bring the cold brew to the next level, the longer you store, the better it tastes.

Your Private Coffee and Tea House at Home

Supports both coffee and tea cold brewing with less bitter and acidic flavor than hot brew. Easily allows you to customize your drink, adding extra water for an Americano or, if you invest in a milk jug, you can create flavoursome cappuccinos or impressive latte art right from home.

2 Options for Sizes and Shapes to Meet Different Needs

Comes with 2 different shapes and volumes to meet different brewing needs, one is with 750ml water maximum and the other is 500ml. The transparent bottle also allows you to watch the brewing process as if you are a diver in the coffee ocean.